Spiritual Protection

Spirit attachments can happen when we are in the 3rd dimension, and even the 4th dimension it is also hard to shake them off. When we reach 5th dimension and above, none of that exists, and that’s because the lower vibrations cannot follow us into those realms. Sometimes using dried sage lightens the room enough so that spirits cannot stay. However, on some occasions, for whatever reason, they do stay. Often this is because they are attracted to our low vibration and they feed off of our low vibrations, and this is why when we have a spirit attachment, we feel very tired most of the them.

I can show you how to raise your vibration high enough so that nothing negative can attach to you, and show you how to keep it high enough to keep it that way. For this, it is usually 1 session. However, if you relationship issues, , family issues, or trauma or any other hurt in your life which needs transmuting, it may not work on it’s own. Therefore a transition would be necessary. Therefore, I’d recommend you to do the soul re-alignment course.

Spiritual Protection (1 hour) $69.99

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