Soul Re-alignment

Sometimes our soul can become misaligned with our energy. The soul doesn’t actually become injured, or lost, actually it does get trapped in other dimensions where hurt existed. when we awaken to the 4th dimension, we become aware that the 3rd dimension is our old and the 5th dimension is our new, although it often takes us time to adjust and realise what’s going on.

Soul mis-alignment can cause us karmic issues as well as harmony and emotional issues in the now. It cause cause you so many other harmonic discontent as well as flowing problems. But soul re-alignment usually will help you to keep your mind at bay, to keep the hurt in the mind and not in your heart, to feel completely whole and content with yourself. 1 session will show you how to bring yourself into alignment with yourself, but the soul re-alignment course will show you how to work on complete tranformation.

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