Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered why we are here? When people connect to the 5th dimension but are not highly evolved in it, they can assume that it is an unfolding process, and in all honesty it is. However, what they don’t see is higher dimensional reality which is the same dimension, but a higher reality and a higher tuning in of this dimension. Many people assume that because they see 5th dimensional reality, that they live in 5th dimensional reality, and this is not the case.

It’s all down to their energy signature, and if they haven’t opened the DNA activations within them for accessing the timeline necessary to see those things, then they simply won’t see them. This happens because they exist in a 4th dimensional reality, looking into the 5th dimension. It’s not the same as being in the 5th dimensional reality, because being there, rather than only seeing there, allows you to see timelines that so many people cannot see. When you can understand your own akashic records, you can understand your life purpose. Quite often, if it is done right, you can also understand timelines too.

Price $69.99 (1 hour approximately).

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