Discover the sound and vibration of the 11th dimension

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Tune into the sound of the universe and experience it’s sound and vibration in the 11th dimension. Creation/Expansion/infinite possibilities. This is the realm of the akashic records and is the realm for purity and the highest aspect of divinity before source. Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones exist here. Seraphim are responsible for the sound and vibration of the universe and everything that vibrates within it. They are responsible for keep the vibration of love and light flowing through the universe, and Christ accesses this and sends it through the 8th dimension. Cherubim are angels of harmony and knowledge and are responsible for keeping the records of the universe. Unlike the Powers, they don’t just keep records for mankind, but they keep them for the whole universe too. They ensure that universal laws are kept at the highest level. Thones are angels of justice (the law of compensation and the law of cause and affect and the law of karma) and ensure that divine will and justice is carried out in all situations by all angels, and in all of the universe.

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