Soul healer and higherself specialist

Readings/Mentoring Sessions $69.99

Working with your energy $69.99

Higherself Channeling & Energy Scanning (scanning the body), locating energy blockages in the body, working with vibrations and energy flow, breathing techniques to control the flow of your energy, unblocking your energy centres/chakra’s & activate your senses, hand techniques to remove toxins and negative energy and heal the body.

Grid Work $69.99

1st & 2nd dimension attunement, learn the different types of grids and their purpose and energies. channeling 5th dimensional healing light, downloading 9th dimensional energy, energy transmutation, working with light.

Getting creative with your life $69.99

Expectations, compromise & boundaries, awareness, being observant, manifesting, abundance mindset, de-attaching from lack, life purpose, building a spiritual practice, raising your vibration, inspiration, motivation, connecting with others, spirit guide / angel communication, using your gifts, talents & abilities.

Higherself Channeling $69.99

Light body scanning, bringing awareness to your lightbody, working with light codes, catching, intuitive journaling/intuitive writing, raising your awareness/expanding your consciousness, observing your thoughts and observing patterns, bringing awareness to your thinking.

Working with the universe $69.99

Understand how the universe works, 12 universal laws, cause and effect, relativity, polarity, duality, judgement & layers + more.

Energy Healing $69.99

D, DW, C.